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(Studio Address)
1399 Road 190

P.O. Box 447

Sublette Kansas 67877




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Some of our frequently asked questions are:


Q:  Your station ID shows stations in 5 towns.  Does this mean I will get 30+ video services from TV23 KDGL?


A:  No, KDGL in Sublette has 8 video services in the digital stream.  All of the other stations in the surrounding towns receive and repeat the services carried on TV23 KDGL.



Q:  I am getting 2 of all of the channel 23's.  Is there something wrong with your station?


A:  No, viewers in areas that can receive more than one of TV23 KDGL's transmitters will encounter this.  Some TV's will have the channels mixed together and others will have one set of the channels, then the next set of channels.  (All with the same channel numbers)  Some TV's allow deleting of one set of channels and others do not.



Q:  Will KDGL have any local programming on?


A:  Yes, we occasionally produce events like Liberal Pancake Day on location. High Plains Today was produced live for 3 years, but no advertisers would buy advertising.  If you have an idea for or would like to host a local show, please contact TV23 KDGL!  We would love to hear from you.



Q:  What counties do you cover severe weather watches and warnings for?


A:  At this time we are carrying severe weather information for: [Kansas:] Morton, Stevens, Seward, Meade, Clark, Comanche, Stanton, Grant, Haskell, Gray, Ford, Hamilton, Kearney, Finney, Scott, Hodgeman, Greeley, Wichita, Lane, Ness, Pawnee, Edwards, and Kiowa.  [Oklahoma:] Texas and Beaver.  In the future we may modify this coverage depending on viewer comments or complaints from non-covered areas.  If you are receiving our signal and we are not covering your location with weather information.  Please contact us and we will consider adding your area.


This map will appear at the bottom left of your TV screen when severe weather is in the area:

With a Legend at the top left corner (with no black):


When a new or changed watch or warning is issued.  The weather system will send out a set of alert beeps and the new text will scroll across the bottom of the screen.



Q:  Where may I obtain a copy of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Specials?


A:  TV23 KDGL is strictly prohibited from making copy(s) for sale or free by Bonneville International Corp. (the copyright holder).  Bonneville representatives have informed TV23 KDGL that the Christmas Specials should be available next season again.  Please check back with KDGLTV.com for future announcements.


Q:  How do we get our school programs or church programs on your station?

A:  TV23 KDGL airs full length Christmas Programming free of charge every December.  We will consider off season specials if requested.  The minimum requirements are as follows:

Programming must be of broadcast quality.
Video must be recorded in SD (720x480) or higher resolution (16:9 aspect ratio preferred) with 4:2:0 or higher color space. (4:1:1 will be accepted on DVCAM format)
Video of performers or talent need to be clear. No exceptionally wide angles for the entire program will be accepted.  IMEG video may be acceptable, but is not always the best choice for television due to some TV's cropping off all of the edges.
No cell phone camera or tablet videos will be accepted for full length programming.
At least 2 cameras minimum with minimal backs of heads of audience members.
Subject (s) or Material (s) must be lit properly
No obscene or gang gestures or text.
Audio must be mic'd on subjects talking.  No audience or front of house audio will be accepted as primary audio.  (Wide choir mics or multiple choir mics with or without chorus effect are acceptable for chorus singing.)
No clipped audio, hums, buzzes, loud hiss, or loud popping that will cause our on-air audio processing to reduce modulation or mute.
No obscene language.
No Political Speeches or Campaigning.
No Copyright.
No promotion of a commercial business will be accepted in the free to air programming.
Length needs to be 27:55 for a 30 minute show or 57:55 for a one hour show. (Other lengths may be acceptable.)
Station General Manager reserves the right to determine what the station will or will not broadcast and in what time slot and channel.

TV23 KDGL maintains a partial list of production companies in our area.  Please inquire about these if you need assistance with a production.