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1399 Road 190

P.O. Box 447

Sublette Kansas 67877




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High Plains Broadcasting, LLC.


(Studio Address)

1399 Road 190

P.O. Box 447

Sublette, Kansas 67877


Phone:  620-510-1151


Toll Free in our viewing area:  1-855-4-KDGL-TV


TV23 KDGL Needs Local Advertising:

Most likely, you have landed here because we started running advertising about the lack of local advertising.

TV23 KDGL was formed to promote local events and activities in the Southwest Kansas region. We turned on the first broadcast transmitter on October 1st, 2012 and the remaining 4 transmitters over the next few months.  All of this was done with private funds from 1 guy who just wanted to promote the area's events.  It was known at the time that the station would need to sell advertising to continue its operation.  Emphasis on selling advertising was not a priority in the first few years.  Ironing out technical issues, adding great networks, and starting a local news & information show were the first priorities.  Once those first priority hurdles were cleared, then the station started focusing on advertising sales to just break even.

KDGL hired a local guy with years of experience in advertising to start talking to businesses about advertising.  No businesses were interested in advertising on a brand new local only station.  Most said: "I have never heard of you".  We understood that, because we hadn't really been on the air but for a few years.  We concentrated on the daily local show: "High Plains Today®".  After a year of producing that show, we hired another local guy to start selling advertising for the live show, plus the network programming.  No matter how much he talked with businesses, no one would buy advertising.  We still heard: "No one has ever heard of you" and a new excuse: "you are not on local cable".  So, we got on as many local cable networks as possible.  After that, he was still unable to sell advertising. 

We gave it another year and hired a lady with local advertising experience. Needless to say, she was unable to get any contracts for advertising.  After 6 months, we gave up and stopped producing the local daily show "High Plains Today®".  Viewers from all over the area were upset that they no longer had local news, weather, and event happenings. We could not continue to produce that show because it ate up a significant amount of resources that include people's time and electrical power to operate the live control room.  Plus, it is difficult to book a guest everyday in Southwest Kansas!

We have recently hired another lady to try one more time to sell advertising. Our advertising rates are unheard of! $200 per month for 200 30 second commercials.  We cover at least 204,000 people or 72,000 households.  (Not 1 cable system in Southwest Kansas, or for that matter, Not all of the cable systems in Southwest Kansas combined cover as many people as we do!)  She has been unable to obtain any advertising sales over the last 3 months.  That is: we have ZERO advertising dollars coming in to pay for the tower rental, electric bills, and FCC fees.  The expenses are around $3000 monthly without any people being paid. She is getting all of the same run around excuses from every business.  In fact, one business in Garden City, that is in the healthcare industry, that has sent multiple guests to be on "High Plains Today®" for free, just slams down the phone when she calls them about advertising.

So, that is what has led us to shutting the stations off of the air by the end of 2019.  We can not continue to operate for free.  No one wants the TV stations to go off of the air, including us.  Viewers will be left with 8 channels less and no where to voice their concerns for reports, get local Southwest Kansas information, news, weather, and sports.

Advertisers are dumping money into Facebook and Google advertising, yet, the results aren't what they expected, yet, they keep doing it.  Some of these "small" businesses are dropping $700 to $1000 a month into online advertising, yet, won't even give us a try at $200 a month.

A good example is an (unnamed) local car dealer that has locations all over Southwest Kansas.  They will pay a lot more per commercial than one of our monthly rate packages to get 1 commercial on the Wichita 10 PM newscast!  Yet, they won't even talk to us on the phone about advertising. In the past, they have accepted free promotions about their driving for the schools campaign on "High Plains Today®".

What can our viewers do?  

Let the local businesses you patronize know that you are watching TV23; and so do others that you know; and that you would appreciate their support of your local TV station.  


Let local businesses know that you personally are not buying from online advertising and you don't even look at the ads on a website. And, this online advertising (and for that matter the Wichita TV station advertising) is funneling money out of Southwest Kansas that could be used to produce more local TV shows.  


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SALES: 1-855-TRY-KDGL (879-5345)